Flat Rail Car - Greg Aziz

Our flat cars are a remarkable composite of intelligent engineering and dynamic performance, resulting in design efficiencies and weight reduction unequalled in the industry.

Our 103-ton capacity bulkhead flat car has a deck 62 feet long if the bulkheads are lined with lumber, or 62 feet, 4-7/8 inches with no lining.

Other features included a 60,000-pound nailable steel floor, stake pockets and 15-inch end- of-car cushioning.

The deck is designed to accommodate 100 per cent of the load over the centre 40 feet of the deck surface.

And to ensure a smooth and steady ride for your payload, all models come equipped with standard 15-inch end-of-car cushioning and 100-ton capacity trucks configured with a dependable 10 by 12 braking system.

Optional features include lading securement and storage configurations that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Lightweight and maximum carrying capacities are always our focus and this car is no exception.

With a lightweight of 81,500 pounds and a load limit of 204,500 pounds, our bulkhead flat car provides excellent durability and fatigue life.

And keep in mind that all our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Flat - bulkheads @ 5 feet: 103 tons; 62 feet, 5 inches
Flat - bulkheads @ 11 feet 8 inches: 101 tons; 62 feet
Flat - general service: 100 tons; 89 feet, 4 inches
Flat - municipal solid waste: 100 tons; 85 feet 


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