In June 1912, along with six prominent entrepreneurs from Hamilton, Ontario, Sir John Gibson, then Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, started Imperial Car Company. One month later, the company was renamed The National Steel Car Company. From that first day, to the first wood and steel freight cars rolling off the production line over 100 years ago, to today, National Steel Car has earned a reputation as North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer.

At National Steel Car, we are proud of our history. Over 100 years of excellence in engineering, manufacturing and a commitment to quality, National Steel Car has become known and trusted by its customers for building the highest quality railcars. In fact, National Steel Car is the only North American railcar company certified ISO 9001:2015, and the company has been honoured with the TTX SECO award on a continuous basis for over a decade.

Our company may have started from humble roots, but we’re proud of how far we’ve come. National Steel Car today is more dynamic, diverse, innovative and values-driven than ever before. Our team is constantly challenging itself and raising the bar, focusing on its strengths, with efficiencies unmatched in the rail industry.

National Steel Car’s relentless pursuit of excellence and continued hard work will ensure the company remains North America’s leader in railcar manufacturing.

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